Agent 1.22 Comicbook Image
  • "...beautifully laid it out in a commanding way. There’s no fluff panels, unnecessary dialogue, or a drawn-out narrative. The delivery is strong from the very beginning and steadily injects intriguing characters, plots, and scenarios." PopCultHQ Read More
  • "Following on from the excellent #0 we start to get to the real crux of Agent 1.22. we start of with flashbacks and nightmares, which link nicely into the final couple of pages of the story." 3 Million Years Read More
  • "Both the format and the content of Agent 1.22 are well worth checking out, regardless of whether you’re interested in the eye candy on the surface or the deeper layers of story." The Pullbox Read More
  • "The story is really picking up, especially concerning Director Miller…I can't wait to see where it's all going." Goodreads  Read More
  • "Nilson's plot is straightforward and features a good mix of narrative and action. Shuler's artwork is very heavy on the CGI component and lends itself well to the atmosphere. Agent 1.22 #1 will definitely appeal to readers looking for a good comic set in space." OmniComic  Read More
  • "...when we see Agent 1.22 preparing for her mission even though she doesn’t speak it’s surprising how much characterization we get from her." Reading with a Flight Ring Read More
  • "...this is a perfect opportunity for Sci-Fi fans to start on what looks like an interesting series!" 3 Million Years Read More
  • “Shuler does a marvelous job illustrating Agent 1.22 and the claustrophobic environment very well.” OmniComic Read More

  • “ ’I am learning.’ This very simple statement was the first indication to me that Agent 1.22 was going to be more than a straight forward sci fi action story.” The Pullbox Read More
  • “Definitely something I would recommend for anyone with an inclination towards Science Fiction, or even games like Resident Evil and it has the promise of movies like Alien in its future” Reading with a Flight Ring Read More
  • “The story hits all the right notes; suspense, intrigue, action and even though our hero is a silent protagonist, we find ourselves becoming emotionally attached to her through the monologues of her A.I. space cruiser Mnemosyne…” Precinct1313 Read More
  • “If you like graphic novels and comics and want to get in on an amazing story- check out Agent 1.22! ” Goodreads  Read More