The Story

Agent 1.22 is a cyborg operative of Project: T.E.R.R.A. (Technologically Enhanced Regimented Reconnaissance Agent), run by the world-protecting Agency. Before every mission, she is thawed out and her next mission is downloaded into her brain. She is currently tasked with finding a cure for the insidious Tempest Virus that is ravaging the Outer Colonies. Every time she finishes an op, she is debriefed, mind-wiped, and frozen.Who is Agent 1.22? How did she become a cyborg? Can she stop the dreaded Tempest Virus before it makes its way to Earth?

Agent 1.22

An Epic Comic Book Saga

What People Are Saying

We Love Feedback (and Snacks)

  • "...when we see Agent 1.22 preparing for her mission even though she doesn't speak it's surprising how much characterization we get from her."

    Reading with a Flight Ring
  • "...this is a perfect opportunity for Sci-Fi fans to start on what looks like an interesting series!"

    3 Million Years
  • "Shuler does a marvelous job illustrating Agent 1.22 and the claustrophobic environment very well."

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